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Saving You Time and Money

Recruitment and selection is an expensive and time-consuming process, whatever the role.

If you calculated the time involved in the recruitment process you will come to the conclusion that recruiting costs and time can be greatly reduced by placing the onus on us - we can provide you with a shortlist of high calibre candidates who we confidently expect to match your job specification in terms of capabilities and personality - all you need to do is interview them.

The Process

Ideally we like to meet with you in person to gain a better understanding of the role in question, the type of person you are looking for in terms of skills, ability and personal attributes and to observe the working environment in terms of work ethic and culture. This ‘whole picture’ enables us to better match candidates.

Following our meeting we will provide you with a shortlist of approximately six candidates, who have been interviewed and whose skills and abilities have been assessed, where appropriate. We can offer interviews within 48 hours where necessary.

If the role demands precise skills or knowledge, we can take in-house documents and recreate them for a testing environment.


If you employ one of our candidates and it does not work out for whatever reason within the first six months of employment, we will find you a suitable replacement free of charge (Terms & Conditions apply).

Every time I have used Delaney Browne they have been both professional and reactive in meeting my needs. The fast response for resources is excellent and the quality of candidates very good. I do not hesitate in using Delaney Browne as my first choice.


Getting to know our Candidates

We really get to know our candidates through extensive interviewing. The candidate registration process lasts approximately one hour. During this time we will evaluate their skills, ability and aptitude, as well as discussing their employment history and assess their personality type.

Before a candidate attends an interview we will brief them extensively on the position in question and where applicable, will distribute any information about your organisation.

When you have made an offer on the position, we will negotiate the terms on your behalf, making sure that the needs of both employer and employee are satisfactorily met.

A Unique Guarantee

We offer a unique guarantee whereby if you employ one of our candidates and it does not work out for whatever reason within the first six months of employment, we will find you a suitable replacement free of charge. (Terms & Conditions apply)

Most recruitment agencies only offer a three month replacement guarantee because research shows that new employees are more likely to leave in the fourth month of employment. We take our responsibility for employment very seriously and are pleased to offer our clients a full six month replacement guarantee.

We have been working with Delaney Browne for just under a year and have recruited 3 members of staff during this period. We feel one of the main differences about Delaney Browne is the fact that they take time to understand our business and culture. One of their staff came to our offices, met all the staff and got a feel for the type of people we were looking for. The result is that we always get a great selection of candidates from them, and we have been really pleased with the new team members that have joined us. I would have no hesitation in recommending their services to other local businesses.


Our Team

You have to enjoy working and interacting with people to do our job and our consultants genuinely love working with people. We are passionate, dedicated and motivated to providing the very best customer service to our clients and candidates.