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6 Tips on how your business can adapt to survive or even thrive during these challenging times.

6 Tips on how your business can adapt to survive or even thrive during these challenging times.
Surviving and even thriving during these times

These are difficult times for businesses in all market sectors. The businesses which are doing well are the ones which have adapted the quickest. The key message is adapt to survive or even thrive. How?

Here’s 6 tips for you:

  1. Embrace eCommerce

Ecommerce is the one sector which is actually thriving during this crisis. People are spending their time online in record numbers.

There has been a noticeable increase in sales and conversion rates across almost all of eCommerce business (especially the ones selling alcohol!).  Now is the perfect time to focus on improving your eCommerce website and digital marketing to gain market share across a broader geographic range. 

If you are not currently an eCommerce business, could you adapt your business model to selling some of your products or services online? When this is all over you may find that your customers actually prefer to buy online from you.

  1. Offer a discount

It’s an obvious one, but it works. Easier to apply if you have an e-commerce website where a clear percentage discount can be offered on multi-pack or bundle purchases.

  1. Free delivery to locals

Maybe a service you have not offered previously, but even if you don’t have an e-commerce website, it’s easy to take payment for a product over the phone or via a payment portal such as PayPal and then offer free delivery to locals for that purchase.

  1. Training or consultancy webinars

If you offer classroom training or business consultancy, take it online. Tools such as ZOOM are ideal for setting up video conferencing facilities.

  1. Become community-minded

Jelly Armchair,  an eCommerce company specialising in hand illustrated humorous cards & gifts, has set up a free 'Help My Neighbour' hand out download. You can print it out, get your kids to colour it in (or you might be feeling creative for that matter) then responsibly distributed to neighbours offering them help with shopping, dog walking or just sending a friendly message.  You’ll also find some great puns and Illustrations on Liz & Cat’s website that will give you a much needed giggle.

  1. Positive PR

At times like these sometimes it pays to forget about making money for a moment and try to help people with free products or services, or simply free advice. It's amazing the goodwill this creates and can help you generate positive PR around your brand. When all this is over people will remember your generosity and the positive goodwill associated with your brand.

Adapted from article by Sozo



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