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The very first step

Whenever you are looking for a new job, whether it is a permanent or temporary one, you will have to provide a CV - Curriculum Vitae. This is a tool to sell your skills, qualifications and experience to a potential employer, who can see at a glance how you might perform in a particular role. So getting it right is extremely important.

If you are looking for a permanent job then we first ask you to send a copy of your current CV to us by email. We will always acknowledge any correspondence and where appropriate we will invite you to come and register at our office.

Getting to know you

During the registration process we'll discuss: your current employment situation; the type of role you are looking for; the industry and organisations you are interested in; your experience and expertise.  We will then discuss any current suitable employment options with you.

Rest Assured

We ensure total confidentiality at all times.

Great news - you have an interview!


Firstly, CONGRATULATIONS! Reaching this stage is a mark of success - your CV has already identified you as a serious candidate. You have convinced the potential employer on paper that you are capable of doing the job - now you are going to be given the chance to prove it face to face.

Great news - you have an interview!

We'll carry out a full briefing with you prior to your interview, when we will go through the job description and details on the organisation.  Where necessary, we can give you advice on interview techniques and we will even help with directions to get you there!  We want to arm you with as much confidence, knowledge and technique as possible, so that you have every chance to succeed at the interview.


Interviews are a two way process - the interviewer needs to find out if you are right for the company and you need to find out if the company is right for you!

How did it go?

How did it go?

Following any interview we will ask you for feedback on how the interview went and whether you would consider taking the position if offered. We will also give you honest feedback from the client, whether successful or not.

If you are successful we will negotiate salary levels and benefits packages where appropriate on your behalf.

If you are not successful then we will continue searching for suitable alternative positions. To attend an interview, whatever the outcome, is always a valuable experience.

I would like to extend my appreciation to Katie who first saw my profile and who helped me in my follow up calls, and to Bev for the last minute hand-holding. Thank you to the entire team for showing their trust and confidence in me. Honestly, you guys gave me the real break.

Nothing currently suitable?

Nothing currently suitable?

If there are no suitable positions currently available, then we will continue to source suitable jobs for you until you tell us otherwise.  Please keep checking on our job pages, as these change on an hourly/daily basis. 

If you would like to know more about our service and what we can offer you, please give our consultants  a call:

Recruitment in Berkshire
T: 0118 304 1877

Recruitment in Buckinghamshire
T: 01494 510 800

If you are registering for permanent work you will need to bring with you a form of identification which can be either a passport or birth certificate.